A “Validation Scheme” is established under the MWCS to facilitate members of the public to retain, after validation, minor household installations including air-conditioner supporting frames, drying racks and small canopies constructed without the prior approval of plans from the Buildings Department before the date of commencement of operation of the system. Those minor household installations that may be validated through the Validation Scheme are “Prescribed Building or Building Works” under the B(MW)R. The following four items are prescribed building or building works under the Validation Scheme:

  • supporting structures for air-conditioning units, water cooling towers or any associated air ducts located on-grade or on a slab (other than a cantilevered slab)
  • supporting frames for air-conditioning units projecting from the external wall of a building
  • drying racks projecting from the external wall of a building
  • small canopy (not constructed of concrete) projecting from the external wall of a building

Enforcement action for removing those validated minor household installations will not be taken by the Buildings Department unless there are rendered dangerous.