The Government OF HKSAR has amended the Buildings Ordinance in June 2008 to introduce the MWCS, facilitating members of the public to carry out minor works in private buildings lawfully through simplified procedures and thereby improve the building safety in Hong Kong. The Building (Minor Works) Regulation [B(MW)R], which provides for the modus operandi of the system, was passed by the Legislative Council in May 2009. As The Minor Works Control System (MWCS) has been fully implemented since 31 December 2010. In order not to violate the legal requirements of the new system, any member of the public intending to carry out minor works should employ prescribed building professionals (PBP) and/or prescribed registered contractors (PRC) to do so.
A total of 126 items of building works have been included as minor works subject to the control under the MWCS, are grouped into over 20 categories in accordance with the nature/ substance of the works. The size, location and respective criteria of each item of minor works are set out in the B(MW)R. These minor works are classified into three classes according to their scale, complexity and risk to safety:

  • Class I (total of 44 items) includes mainly those relatively more complicated minor works
  • Class II (total of 40 items) comprises those of comparatively lower complexity and risk to safety
  • Class III (total of 42 items) mainly includes common household minor works

Types of Minor Works
A – Alteration & Addition Works (A&A works)
B – Repair Works
C – Signboards Related Works
D – Drainage Works
E – Structures for Amenities Related Works
F – Finishes Works
G – Demolition Works
Our Scope of Service for the Minor Works:-

  • Contacting for the Minor Works Class 1, 2, & 3.
  • Provision of appropriate Minor Works Class 1,2 & 3 Contractor to the Client.
  • On behalf of the Client, submission of commencement of works and completion of works to the Buildings Department.
  • Classification of Class and type of minor works before commencement of works.
  • Record photos before commencement and completion of works.
  • Technical advice of works and preparation of method statement for the works.
  • Provision of Authorized Person/Registered Structural Engineer Services to the Client.
  • Provision of Technically Competent Person(TCP) T1, T3, T4 & T5 Services to the Client.
  • Provision of Clerk-of-Works Service for minor works.
  • On behalf of the Client, submission of application of registration of minor works Class I/II/III contractor or individual to the Buildings Department.
  • Preparation for interview and interview techniques for applicant of minor works contractor (Class I).

Our Scope of other professional consultancy service:-

  • Prescribed inspection of building & Balcony & supervision of prescribed repair of Balcony by Registered Inspector.
  • Prescribed inspection & prescribed repair & supervision of prescribed repair of window by Qualified Person.
  • Infra-red scanning service to building facade with condition report.
  • Hand tapping service for building with condition report.
  • New / Second hand property inspection service with condition report.
  • Building Maintenance works, Concrete Repair Works & Drainage Repair Works.
  • Alternation & Addition (A&A) Works & Demolition Works.
  • Assessment of natures of works for A&A works.
  • Photo record before the commencement & after completion of works for A&A works.
  • Technical Advice & preparation of method statement for A&A Works.
  • Apply approved plan from the Buildings Department.
  • Plan preparation for submission to the Building Department for approval.
  • Release of Building Department orders such as Fire Service Improvement Works, Building Repair, Drainage Repair, Canopy Condition Survey & UBW.
  • Release of Fire Improvement Order issued by Fire Services Department.
  • Provision of Authorized Person (AP)/ Registered Structural Engineer (RSE) Services.
  • Certification service of structural safety of permanent /temporary structure by AP/RSE.
  • Provision of Registered Safety Officer & Registered Safety Auditor Service.
  • Risk Assessment / preparation of Safety Plan by Registered Safety Officer.
  • Provision of TCP-T1, T2, T3, T4 & T5 Service.
  • Provision of Clerk-of-Works Service for Maintenance & Repair works, A&A works & Renovation works.
  • Apply for Household Minor Works Validation Scheme for the Client.
  • Provision of Buildings Department RGBC Service.
  • Consultancy Service for application of registration of RGBC to the Building Department
  • Interview technique & preparation for interview by the Buildings Department for Application for Registration of RGBC.
  • Provision of Electrical Contractor for Electrical Work Service.
  • Provision of Grade 1Licensed Plumber Service.

Service Charge:-

  • Minimum Service Charge will be as low as $500, please feel free to contact us on 39982086 for details.